About Us

Andrew D. Hwang earned his PhD in mathematics in 1993 at the University of California, Berkeley. After a 30-year career in academia, he founded Differential Geometry to design, create, and sell original, distinctive, high-quality mathematical images and objects.

Our products are developed to welcome viewers into mathematics: to arouse curiosity and wonder, to convey the beauty of geometry, analysis, and algebra. Our primary inspiration is form, accessible to everyone without technical training, as an invitation into abstract realms often seen only at the university level.

Our mission includes employing socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing; providing accurate, concrete explanations to accompany our products; and maintaining competitive pricing.

Our images and objects depict theorems and proofs, mathematical phenomena, and specific mathematical objects drawn from geometry and analysis, such as holomorphic curves, surfaces of constant mean or Gaussian curvature, compound polyhedra, vector fields their flows, plane and space curves, and sequences of functions.