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Differential Geometry

Anemone 7,3 Pendant, Golden

Anemone 7,3 Pendant, Golden

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In precalculus, students learn about "fractional powers" of positive real numbers. Anemone pendants, named for the flower, are stylized representations of fractional powers over the complex numbers. Such a "function" takes finitely many values, and these values are successively joined. 

Anemone 7,3 depicts the complex 3/7-power function. There are seven values ordered cyclically around the "core circle," which runs along the center of the gap between the bands. Each full twist of the band travels from one value to the value "three further along."

This dramatic 1-1/2 in (38mm) pendant is 3D printed in 18K gold-plated brass, polished to a mirror-like luster, and paired with an 18-inch 14K gold-filled loop chain with spring clasp. A black velvet storage bag is included.

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