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Differential Geometry

Binary Cascade, Red Sticker

Binary Cascade, Red Sticker

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In positional notation, successive "digits" specify a real number with ever-greater precision. "Base-2" or binary notation uses two "binary digits," or "bits": \(0\) (red) and \(1\) (black). The first bit to the right of the decimal point divides a unit into halves; the second divides a unit into fourths since \(4 = 2^{2}\); the third into \(8\)ths since \(8 = 2^{3}\); the fourth into \(16\)ths since \(16 = 2^{4}\), and so forth. The rectangles in the bottom row code locations of nine-digit binary numbers.

This high-resolution 3-inch sticker is printed on glossy kiss-cut vinyl. Price includes shipping by first-class mail.

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