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Nowhere-Differentiable, Sun Mug

Nowhere-Differentiable, Sun Mug

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Calculus instructors often use the phrase ``continuous function'' (loosely, one whose graph has no jumps) while drawing a differentiable function (one whose graph has a tangent line at each point). It can therefore come as a conceptual shock to learn in real analysis that a continuous function may be differentiable nowhere, and in fact that a ``randomly chosen'' continuous function is nowhere-differentiable.

A sequence of smooth (infinitely-differentiable) functions can converge to a nowhere-differentiable function. In the image, a sequence of trigonometric polynomials converges ``uniformly'' to a Weierstrass nowhere-differentiable function. Successive terms look like ranges of ever-more-distant hills.

Our high quality photo mugs are beautiful yet durable and have been tested to 100+ dishwasher cycles. This custom mug comes in all white.
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