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Past and Future Eco Canvas

Past and Future Eco Canvas

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A right circular cone and hyperboloids of one and two sheets drawn pointilistically, in a metaphorically quantum way. These surfaces illustrate how a tube can "pinch off" to two disks in three-dimensional Morse theory. They also illustrate the geometry of special relativity, with the horizontal plane representing space, the vertical axis representing time, and "here and now" at the cone's vertex. The cone is the set of paths of light rays; the lower sheet of the two-sheeted hyperbolid represents all events one time unit in the past, while the upper sheet represents all events one time unit in the future; the hyperboloid of one sheet comprises events causally independent from here-and-now that will affect here-and-now in one time unit.

Made in the UK from recycled plastic bottles, stretched over a lightweight recycled frame. Packaging is also made from 100% recycled content.

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