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Product of Chord Lengths (light) Wall Art Poster

Product of Chord Lengths (light) Wall Art Poster

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Inscribe a regular 17-gon in a circle of radius 1. Fix one vertex, and draw the chords from that vertex to each of the others. The product of those chords' lengths is 17, the number of sides! The same is true for any number n of sides greater than 1. The proof in the image uses precalculus-level algebra, and properties of complex numbers: How a monic polynomial (whose top-degree coefficient is 1) factors in terms of its roots, and the way a difference of n-th powers factors.

An economical lustre poster paper with a high white, satin finish and smooth microporous coating for accurate photo reproduction. The smooth, satin finish and wide colour gamut make this an excellent substrate for posters and professional photographs.

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