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Differential Geometry

Intimo Bronze Necklace

Intimo Bronze Necklace

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This natural bronze pendant is about 1-3/8 inches (35mm) tall and 7/8 inch (20mm) wide, and comes with a 2mm dark brown cotton cord with a handmade rose gold-colored wire hook clasp. Please specify the desired cord length in the order form comments. (If unstated, the cord will be 17 inches, yielding an approximately 18-inch necklace including the clasp.)

Depictions of a trefoil knot typically have three-fold rotational symmetry about an axis perpendicular to the projection plane. Our trefoil instead has two-fold rotational symmetry about three mutually-perpendicular axes.

The shape suggests linked circular rings mutually entwined by an eye of unconditional positive regard. Despite being a single unit, the rings may appear to move independently with the angle of viewing.

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